Below are frameworks and templates I have used to inspire teams across advertising endeavors:

Creative Provocations:
Thought-starters for creative concepting for culturally relevant opportunities.

This specific framework was used to spark opportunities for a CPG coffee brand.


Consumer Journeys:
A review of what they are, why they matter, and how to get started.

This specific guide was developed as an onboarding for junior team members, and includes a worksession.


Proactive Social Framework:
Social trends are powerful, but not every one fits with your brand. This framework is focused on identifying those ownable moments for brands.


Brand & Comms Strategy Frameworks:
These are some of my favorite templates I have developed.


Social Process:
Every brand wants to go viral, but let's level-set on the basics of how a strong social process can add value for a brand.

This specific process was developed to understand team structure.


First Job Fundamentals:
You're hired, that's great, now what? This deck highlights the fundamentals for those just starting out in advertising.

First Job Fundamentals

Mentorship Advice:
Jobs are hard, and growing in your career is harder. I created this (abridged) deck to offer some foundational advice for junior team members to grow in advertising.


Ok, that's it:

You now know a few frameworks and toolkits I have used over my career. If you already knew all of this, holy heck, that's great. If you found something useful, holy heck, that's great too. If you think I would get value from hearing your perspective on this or if you have questions, you can message me on LinkedIn.