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My name is Molly Marshall. I work in integration strategy, which basically means I make sure neat ideas have a solid foundation and plenty of room to grow. I make a lot of presentations with top-notch gifs and everyone laughs at my jokes. It's fun.

For folks looking for keywords, I am focused on integration strategy as a discipline because I feel passionate about developing holistic marketing campaigns that integrate brand planning, consumer journeys, and digital strategy to solve client problems. I use data to tell persuasive stories to gain buy-in from both clients and creative teams on a strong strategic path forward that both meets business objectives and wins awards. It's fun.


  • I work on the Integration Strategy team at Energy BBDO.

  • I am the Chicago Awesome Foundation treasurer and trustee.

  • I am a Board Member of the Institute on Higher Awesome Studies.

  • I am a landlord and some day I will finish my kitchen rehab.

  • I am on Costar and I will ask you to friend me on it.

  • Black lives matter, defund the police, trans rights are human rights, abolish prisons, boycott Amazon, will trade racists for refugees, adopt don't shop, my body my choice, and f*ck this sh*t.



I live in the beautiful East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. I grew up in appropriately named Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. I really like strategy, home rehab, and mini-golf. I enjoy building communities. I live with two cats and I like one of them.


773-988-7319 & probablymolly@gmail.com

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